After seventy years of teaching dance to all ages, Gaye has cut her classes down to two a week, Adult’s Ballet/Plus and Special Class for Special People.Her other passion is writing, she has published several picture books plus her life story; ‘Journey of a Dance Teacher.’ This book encourages the reader to follow one’s passion; which she has achieved with being a wife and mother of four children. There are times when one has to put your passion on hold then let it burst forward when it is appropriate. Currently she is working on her second adult book, ‘Julies Story’ which is derived from her English Grandmother’s recollections; from traveling to New Zealand and marrying a Norwegian sailor. Although Gaye is no longer teaching dance to hundreds of children she is involved with community events. Since the conception of Poetry Day (25 years ago) she has organized a gathering of poetry lovers. On looking through her numerous dance concert’s programs one notices the proceeds were always donated to a charity. Now in her eighties Gaye believes that age is only a number.

If you feel like doing it DO IT