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Dance a poem books come with CD or USB with instructions on how to act out poem with music ie I'm a Little Kiwi is sung by a child to the tune of 'I.m a Little Tea Pot


​Journey of a Dance Teacher

Being a dance teacher doesn’t mean getting your qualifications, opening a syllabus book and start teachings. As with any profession or craft one has to endeavor to advance and improve one’s knowledge .I have attended workshops and seminars in New Zealand, Australia and England. I’ve taught at my step son’s English academy in Japan. An international conference in Finland was an enriching experience for my students and helpers. Prior to the conference we took a train to St Petersburg where we enjoyed forty eight hours. MAY THE DANCE NEVER END

The Rhythm of Dance

And a 1 2 3 to a polka they go.

Lift up your feet, don't be slow.

A waltz's rhythm is a 1 2 3

step out wide, with the melody.

Dance with your arms,

dance with your feet.

Listen to the music.

Hear the beat.

Walk to a semibreve.

Let's be kings.

Run with quavers.

Have feet with wings.

Teaching dancing is my delight.

Creative children; what a sight.

Dancing is disciplined, and is fun

Dancing can be done by anyone.